Today I am working on some Solidity code, reading about Hans Niemann chess controversy, and enjoying time with with my wife and dog.

A Mundane Monday

Reading up on chess today got me excited about my current game, where each of us only have to make one move every 48 hours. Having the flexibility to think so much about each move has really improved my game.

sept 26 chess game

+5 … Not bad! I think to myself. Also, apologies about the user name, I saw Prodigy at a live show in Barcelona when I was 19, and have been a fan ever since.

Data structures

What is the best way to represent unordered sets in Solidity?

Or a better question… who cares? Good point.

Maybe if I’m questioning how to create an unordered set in Solidity, I’ve already made a mistake.

On the bright side, I discovered yesterday that I can add Solidity code in these posts and have it correctly highlight. Nice!

function publishContent(uint256 whichPublication, uint256 index) public returns (uint256) {
        assert(index < userContentRegister.getNumContent(msg.sender));
        Publication storage p = publicationIndex[whichPublication];
        if ( || p.publishingAccessList[msg.sender]) {
            p.publishedTimeStampIndex[p.numPublished] = block.timestamp;
            p.publishedAuthorIndex[p.numPublished] = msg.sender;
            p.publishedPostIndex[p.numPublished] = index;
            var (contentOne, contentTwo) = getContentBytesFromUserContentRegister(msg.sender, index);
            p.publishedContentIndex[p.numPublished] = stringBytes32Util.bytes32TupleToString(contentOne, contentTwo);
            emit StoreData(p.publishedContentIndex[p.numPublished - 1], msg.sender, whichPublication);
            return p.numPublished;
        return 0;


I currently believe that Hans Niemann did not cheat in his victory over Magnus Carlson. I guess the trajectory of Hans’ future career will reveal whether my hunch was right or not. Until then, I guess I’m rooting for nobody