Greetings from me, cyrcus!

I’m reaching out to you from beautiful Seattle, Washington.

Seattle Cityscape

Why blog?

I chose to create this site for the following reasons:

  1. To organize and publish thoughts of mine that others may find useful
  2. To practice the cultivation of clarity of thought
  3. To communicate with others succinctly, thoughtfully, and in an entertaining way…(tap dance, hat dip)

Aside from all that serious talk, I want to challenge myself and you, (yes YOU!) to communicate more deliberately, even when using these tired old web techologies.

These character symbols you’re reading on your screen may seem evanescent, but they represent one real live person’s chemical brain reactions, directing fingers, typing on a computer up in the Pacific Northwest, orchestrating dozens of web technologies, ending with a HTML page read by your browser, and ALL THIS because I want to tell YOU something.

I plan on using articles for “learning in public” (software development, guitar, spanish language, and writing), capturing thoughts about books I’m reading, and to tell stories to people I’d like to be more connected with. If any of that sounds interesting, read on!

Hasta lasagna!